Photos Exclusevening

I uploaded some photos of the ‘Exclusevening with Willemijn’ thanks so much everyone for being there! Click here

Some more exciting news… Willemijn is one of the leading ladies on 19 oct at DeLaMar Theatre (Amsterdam) Tickets and info

Willemijn is going to join ‘Cinema Musical Concert’ on 9, 10 and 11 september in Japan (yes, Japan…) together with a few other artists. Tickets and info

Goodbye Kala!

Willemijn said goodbye to ‘Kala’ on 29 may 2016 after playing this role for 8 months in Tarzan Stuttgart. She’ll be in our heart…

Willemijn is giving a cosy concert with some coffee and tea in the early morning on 6 november at the Chassé Theatre (The Netherlands) Tickets and info

Musical meets Opera

‘Musical meets Opera’ with Willemijn and Rene van Kooten at 6 and 8 october (Rotterdam, The Netherlands) Tickets and info

Willemijn is joining ‘Sommernacht des Musicals’ at 23 july in Dinslaken (Germany) For tickets and info: Click here

Sondheim in Concert

Willemijn is going to be part of ‘Sondheim in Concert’ on 4 july at DeLaMar Theatre (Amsterdam) Tickets and info